Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wedding Photos! Pre-Wedding + Getting Ready

Here are the first batch of photos I want to share from our wedding on October 15, 2016! One of my favorite aspects of Ryan Davis Photography is how he captures the natural, beautiful moments of the day in a way that truly helps me relive the day. I know it took me so long to share the photos, (even though my photographer gave them to us in less than a week after the wedding!) but I really wanted to wait until I was ready, and to share them in a way that I felt good about. Also, he gave us over 800 photos so it has taken me a while to sort out which ones I really wanted to share! I will be sharing many more posts like this very soon!

 These photos are from when me and my bridesmaids were getting ready in the hotel room before the ceremony. We had a two hair stylists from Organic Beauty Salon & Spa come to do our hair, and I brought a ton of makeup and as you can see I did my own makeup. Lila even got to have her hair done, which was super fun for her, even though the curls fell out pretty quickly! The girls all wore convertible dresses by toFREEyourStyle, so each girl got to choose how to style their dress in a way they felt comfortable and flattering.

Photography by Ryan Davis Photography
"Bride" Phone Case from Amazon
"Bride" hoodie is from Victoria's Secret
"Flower Girl" bathrobe & flower crown from Claire's
My shoes from Macy's
Lila's shoes from Amazon

If you want to know where anything else is from just ask and I will be happy to let you know!
Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bathrooms I'm Loving

Something I don't talk about much on social media is my love for interior design. We currently live in a two bedroom apartment, and besides having a baby in August (!!!) the next big step for our family will definitely be purchasing a home. We don't have any solid plans to do this yet, but I have officially started the brainstorming process! I thoroughly enjoy focusing on all the details from colors & textures & layout, to little details like how I'd like my shower nook to look and what color of grout I prefer in subway tile. I thought it might be fun to start a series here on the blog where I share my thought process and ideas! Today I'm talking about bathrooms, because I have recently found several that I completely adore on Pinterest. 

The tile going across the side of the tube really caught my eye on this one. I also like the tile border on the floor, I never thought to mix square a hexagonal tile but I love it!

I like the way the bright white subway tile balances out the black & white checkered floor. And that claw footed tub + pedestal sink look so elegant! 

How sweet would it be to have a sauna attached to your shower? A with a window! So relaxing!
I love the slight industrial look of this bathroom, and the black grout with white subway tile has me smitten!
Obsessed with the gold hardware, and look at that marble detail on the shower border! Love that mix of textures, yet monochrome color palette!

Again with the mix of textures and patterns, but keeping with a black & white color palette. I love the  contrast! 

Wood ceiling!?? Yes please!!!

Dream tub, dream shower room... Also love the square tiles!

I am loving the chandelier and the addition of plants... gotta have lots of natural light!

The thing I love about creating posts like this is I am really able to sit back and realize the themes that I love. Clearly I am inspired by black & white tile, big windows, natural light, mixing textures,  natural wood accents, and gold hardware!

What are your favorites elements of these bathrooms?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Huge Summer 2017 Giveaway!

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5) This giveaway is open internationally - the package is subject to your country's shipping laws. I pay shipping :)

6) If you are under the age of 18 please have your parent's permission to enter this giveaway.

7) This giveaway will end on July 9th at 11:59 pm US Central Standard time.

8) Anyone emailing me or private messaging me on social media asking to win will be disqualified.

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10) Please leave any questions you have in the description box!

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What are you doing all the way down here at the bottom of the description box? Are you looking for a hidden sponsorship disclosure? Well that’s silly, because when I am fortunate enough to work with brands that I love, I will let you know in the beginning of the video and at the top of the description box! I will always be honest with my opinions and reviews! Because if you’re not honest, what’s the point? :)
Saturday, March 4, 2017

Weekend Favorites

Hi friends! In today's post I am  sharing  a few things I have fallen in love with lately! My favorite places to browse the internet  (when I'm not shopping for makeup) are Etsy, Pinterest, and my favorite blogs. Where do you spend your time browsing? 

How lovely are these Half Moon Brass Earrings? I love the simple design paired with the natural texture and slight imperfections.

I adore these Vintage Cactus Salt & Pepper Shakers! My salt shaker recently broke so I am in need of a new set. Plus I love anything cute and vintage!
These Brass Pineapple Bookends are so beautiful! I  dream of a wall-to-wall bookcase full of books and beautiful bookends like these! #dreamhouse

I already made Lila a shirt that says "Big Sister" but how cute would she look in this Big Sister Shirt?? It looks nice a light for the spring & summer too!

How precious are these Superhero Rag Dolls? If I got these for Lila, I would have to keep them on their own special shelf when she wasn't playing with them, they are literally handmade works of art!

My goal this month is to try these DIY Maternity Jeans!!!

Another simple DIY I want to try, this DIY Easy Choker T-Shirt could give pizzazz to an old boring  t-shirt, or in my case maternity shirts!

I am absolutely obsessed with the Busbee Style Style Reboot Series. Erin Busbee is a fashion blogger and YouTuber who has amazing style advice for all ages, but particularly adult women. She just started this weekly series and I have already learned so much!!! Her videos include: Challenges, Style Journey, Styling Basics, Dressing Your Age, Tricks to Make You Look Skinnier, and Identifying Your Style. I think I'm going to write a post in the future about identifying my own personal style! 

I'd love to hear what you guys have been loving this week! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and I'd like to leave you with this quote: